CELNAX® is a revolutionary, colloidal electro-conductive oxide solution with many applications for film, plastic, fiber, glass and much more. In addition it has good infrared and ultraviolet-absorbing properties.

CELNAX is easy to mix with resin and has excellent transparency qualities. It is compatible with several resins and stabilizing agents and costs less than other colloidal electro-conductive oxide solutions on the market.

CELNAX is available in a variety of types to suit your needs.


Applications of CELNAX

The anti-static properties of CELNAX are excellent for manufacturing:

The infrared and ultraviolet-absorbing properties of CELNAX are perfect for hard-coated films such as windows in cars and buildings. It can also be used for heat insulating materials in textile coatings and lamination film

Properties of CELNAX

Features of CELNAX® include:

NOTE: CELNAX has no binding ability by itself, therefore a binder must be added. CELNAX is compatible with UV curing resins, thermal setting resins, water soluble resins and emulsions.

CELNAX is dispersed in:

When combined with a resin, CELNAX absorbs a wide band of light wavelengths, including ultraviolet and infrared light.

Note: These are typical properties of CELNAX.

Appearance Transparent blue-green Transparent blue-green Transparent blue-green
Refractive Index 1.70 1.70 1.70
Solvent Isopropanol Water Methanol
Oxide (wt%) 20 30 60
Specific Gravity (25°C) 0.96 1.36 1.72
Viscosity (c.p.) (25°C) 14 3.1 3.2
pH (25°C) 4.6 6.3 9.2
Particle Size (nm) BET method (nm) 20 20 20
Electric conductivity volume resistance of powder *2 (• cm) 300 210 170
*1: Mixed with water. (Weight ratio 1:1)
*2: Powder produced by drying sol at 80°C is pressed at 160kg/cm2 and measured volume resistivity by test cell.